“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

— C.S. Lewis

Intro Letter by Chris Ruch

I have always been fascinated by “Rube Goldberg” style contraptions and domino sculptures—the complex kinetic motion is mesmerizing—but perhaps equally as interesting is the process behind the creation. From concept through design and construction, testing, repeated failures, finally landing at the completed project, and then showing it to the world.

That process feels a bit familiar to our own stories—such as in our relationships, education, and work. There are constantly situations where we discover something, overcome a challenge, accomplish a goal and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There’s always a driving force behind the forward motion of our lives—be it gravity, physics, time, finances, needs, hopes and dreams. CHANGE.

OOF. That last one can be quite a doozy— both in good and uncomfortable ways. One of my friends has a catchphrase which, while very fitting for ALL the situations she uses it for, can be quite irritating to hear in the moment: “Well that was another character-building experience!” she exclaims with a sarcastic grin. And everyone wants to punch her. But she’s sooo right, dangit.

We need change, but we don’t like it. We blossom in it. It forces us to move forward when we otherwise would stagnate. It’s growing pains. PAINS. But also growth. And we’re better for it, ultimately.

What might our lives look like if we were determined to face every change and challenge with determination, grit, and a sense of adventure? If we can’t avoid change, why fight against it? Embracing it seems like the only logical conclusion. And we might find that our new path forward, even if initially difficult, is far more rewarding than the one we were on.

In these posts, videos & podcasts — you will discover some of your neighbors who have grown through their various complicated and fascinating experiences. Our hope is that these stories will leave you feeling inspired and more prepared for your own big kinetic adventure.

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Kevin Eberle

Kevin Eberle’s world was turned upside down in 1986 when his best friend Connie unexpectedly took her own life. There were no warning signs and he was left angry, confused, and guilty. With the lack of support groups through his own search, Kevin began Survivors of Suicide two years after Connie’s death in order to help others navigate through losing a loved one to suicide.

Kathy Morgan

Kathy Morgan always knew she would get cancer. Eight years after her father passed away from bladder cancer, Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2001, she participated in her first Relay for Life, forming a team called Capitan Morgan’s Cancer Crusaders. To date, the team has raised an astonishing 1.2 Million Dollars for Relay for Life—making them the top-grossing fundraising team.

Johnny Vega

Johnny Vega was a model student—participating in sports, getting good grades, and even scoring a scholarship to Millersville University—but by the age of 20 Johnny had taken his two year drug selling to a new level by opening a pair of night clubs. Known as the “one-stop-shop,” Johnny’s luck caught up with him when he was nabbed by the authorities and ultimately spent eight years in Federal prison. Today, he serves as a motivational speaker and encourages troubled youth to choose a better path.