“Our fate lives within us; you only have to be brave enough to see it.”

— From Disney’s Brave

Fate is a funny thing. It is not something we are meant to understand, but instead, trust. Life takes us through so many ups and downs, but it’s the depths of our darkest days that strengthen us and prepare us for our brightest moments, making us the people who we are today.

Here in Lancaster, fate has brought so many incredible people together for reasons greater than we can possibly comprehend. We live in a community filled with inspiration and people who have the desire to reach out a helping hand to those in need. People who lift others out of the trenches just to help get them back on their feet to fight for a better day. If that isn’t the definition of “community,” then we don’t know what is!

All you need to do is tune out the negativity and look around you. Fate shows you the light if you’re brave enough to open your eyes and see it.

In our fourth issue, we reveal the inspirational stories of 23 people here in Lancaster County. Whether they were born here or not, fate has brought them to our community and we are blessed to have met them.

Without our amazing sponsors, advertisers, and story revealers, Revelo would not exist. We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in the power of story telling and the positive impact it has on our incredibly unique community.

Please take the time to watch the video interviews below or listen to our podcast to hear these beautiful people tell their own stories.

Thank you to our readers. Let’s continue to make Lancaster an amazing place to live.

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WARNING: Some interviews may include adult language and/or content. Discretion is advised.

Untitled Mark

Mark Springer never signed any of his work. Now recognized as “Untitled Mark,” the artist has found a love for salvaged materials and makes his mark on the world as a furniture designer who incorporates distinct angles, raw metal, and visual contradictions between form and function.

Kitty Byk

Kitty Byk was 12 years old when Hitler’s Nazi party took over her hometown of Vienna, Austria. Being of half Jewish decent, Kitty overcame working in the Labor Department, daily bombings, the advance of the Russian army, begging for food, and migrating to the U.S. just after her 20th birthday.

Lionel Adriano

After a suppression of childhood molestation, Lionel Adriano coped with a dangerous drug addiction that led to homelessness. Things clicked for Lionel when he was offered a job at a salon and he began his journey into skin and beauty. Now the co-owner of Revolve Atelier, he continues to push himself and welcomes new opportunities.