Intro Letter by Katerina Kuss

Just as the name suggests, Revelo is a tool to reveal and uncover stories.

The concept of Revelo was born from the desire to bond as a community and learn more about the inspiring people who surround us—the everyday heroes with extraordinary journeys. These individuals shared their backgrounds, passions, heartaches and struggles, triumphs, and future goals with us.

To take the storytelling concept a step further, each interview has been video recorded at the very moment the subject was speaking. For every article you read in each issue of Revelo, an extended video version of the entire interview is available here on our website.

The goal of Revelo is to create a unique experience for audiences from all walks of life. Together, we aim to educate, inspire, and lift up those around us by exposing the “why” behind what motivates the people of Lancaster.

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WARNING: Some interviews may include adult language and/or content. Discretion is advised.

Scott Faithfull

Scott Faithfull finds his purpose in life by sponsoring children of third-world countries through Children International. His donations have helped the boys and girls to feed their families, provide clothing and school supplies, and to further their educations.

Issa Rosario

Issa Rosario, a freshman at J.P. McCaskey High School, uses spoken-word poetry as an outlet to express her inner thoughts and feelings. Through the art, Issa has become a well-spoken, confident young lady with a driven desire to perform and reach out to her peers.

Timothy Truman

Illustrator, Timothy Truman, has come a long way since his childhood doodling in central West Virginia. Finding his niche in the comic book world, his Scout and Grimjack characters are still in demand along with his extensive portfolio of artwork for The Grateful Dead.

Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell, of The Common Wheel Community Bike Center, brings community and culture together to create a bike-friendly Lancaster City. Chris continues to fulfill his desire to do something meaningful through various cycling and mechanic programs at his shop.

Carissa Libhart

Carissa Libhart was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer at the age of 27. Now cancer-free for six years, Carissa recalls her terrifying experiences, life lessons, and how her newborn daughter paved her motivational road to recovery.

Jack Frey And Jack Yuska

Jack Yuska and Jack Frey navigate through their difficult experiences while serving in the military during The Vietnam War. Together, the veterans now conduct lectures in order to educate others and help to alleviate their PTSD.

Tony Padilla

Tony Padilla builds his legacy after a life of addiction and incarceration. After the experience of hitting rock bottom, Tony has remained clean for four years and takes pride in his determination to love himself and reach the many goals he has set out to accomplish.

Tracie Young

Tracie Young, licensed wildlife rehabilitator and founder of Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, has dedicated herself to a labor of love and dedication. The donation-based public service is a temporary refuge to rabies vector species such as bunnies, squirrels, groundhogs, and skunks.

Joey Welz

Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductee, Joey Welz, is best known for his boogie-woogie piano riffs during his time with Bill Haley and His Comets. Now as the rights-bearer to Rock Around the Clock, Joey breathes new life into the famous song with his updated versions.

Elizabeth Courtright

Elizabeth Courtright recounts the many obstacles of adopting a group of young siblings. The self-published writer has developed a way to give back to unique families like hers through her program called the Third Chance Foundation.

Chris Whitcomb

Veteran, Chris Whitcomb, uses 3D modeling skills to mastermind his project, M1126. Named after the Stryker vehicle that once saved his life, M1126 is being developed to aid other veterans with PTSD through exposure therapy.

Jerome Wright

Accomplished cellist, Jerome Wright, finds his savior in the arts after enduring a traumatic history of abuse. From the streets, to his sold-out performances at Carnegie Hall, Jerome is a true testament to overcoming and excelling at whatever life has dealt.

Jessica Higgins

Officer Jessica Higgins recalls her time in a local boxing ring and how the experience has led her to her career with the Lancaster City Bureau of Police. She enjoys getting to know and helping the people of the community through kind gestures that go beyond the badge and uniform.

Chris & Bill Davis

Bill Davis has created his own personalized curriculum and means of communication for his son, Chris, who is living with severe autism, intellectual disability, and neurological disorders. Bill embraces each day with Chris’s happiness as the ultimate goal.

Pam Pautz

Pam Pautz, Executive Director of the North Star Initiative, passionately works toward the organization’s objective of providing a safe haven for female victims of sex trafficking. Through their group home called The Harbor, the women will concentrate on spiritual, mental, and physical wellness.