Intro Letter by Katerina Kuss

Just as the name suggests, Revelo is a tool to reveal and uncover stories.

The concept of Revelo was born from the desire to bond as a community and learn more about the inspiring people who surround us—the everyday heroes with extraordinary journeys. These individuals shared their backgrounds, passions, heartaches and struggles, triumphs, and future goals with us.

To take the storytelling concept a step further, each interview has been video recorded at the very moment the subject was speaking. For every article you read in each issue of Revelo, an extended video version of the entire interview is available here on our website.

The goal of Revelo is to create a unique experience for audiences from all walks of life. Together, we aim to educate, inspire, and lift up those around us by exposing the “why” behind what motivates the people of Lancaster.

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Scott Faithfull

Scott Faithfull finds his purpose in life by sponsoring children of third-world countries through Children International. His donations have helped the boys and girls to feed their families, provide clothing and school supplies, and to further their educations.

Issa Rosario

Issa Rosario, a freshman at J.P. McCaskey High School, uses spoken-word poetry as an outlet to express her inner thoughts and feelings. Through the art, Issa has become a well-spoken, confident young lady with a driven desire to perform and reach out to her peers.

Timothy Truman

Illustrator, Timothy Truman, has come a long way since his childhood doodling in central West Virginia. Finding his niche in the comic book world, his Scout and Grimjack characters are still in demand along with his extensive portfolio of artwork for The Grateful Dead.