We are thrilled that we have piqued your interest! To answer some of your questions:

Revelo is a publication that strives to create a unique experience in the Lancaster community. Strictly content-based, Revelo is supported by local businesses who are willing to sponsor the stories of everyday heroes who live in our area. It is an outlet for people to share their incredible struggles, triumphs, and tales of survival.

Revelo was born from the idea that the people who surround us have interesting stories to tell. The concept comes from the significance of reaching out to others; such as a grandparent who’s life journey has inspired your own, the musician who plays at Central Market, the neighbor who has survived cancer, or the person sitting next to you at the local pub who has lead an incredible life.

Rather than paging through traditional forms of advertising… because of story sponsorships, Revelo allows readers to enjoy an immersive and heartfelt storytelling experience. We believe that the businesses in our community have a strong desire to support the people within it.

Yes! Revelo has found a gracious amount of business people and owners who have found our unconventional way of advertising as a progressive and exclusive way to reach out to the community. Without the support of the story sponsors and advertisers, Revelo would never be able to achieve our goals. We commend each and every one of these businesses for stepping outside of the box and for supporting the people of Lancaster.

Nope! To take the storytelling concept a step further, each interview has been recorded at the very moment the subject was speaking. For every article you read in each issue of Revelo, extended video & podcast versions of the entire interview are available here on our website.

We look forward to educating, inspiring, and lifting up those in our community through the powerful stories of the people who live here.