“People are interesting. Everyone you meet has a good story really … if we just put down our phones and take the time to talk to each other.”

— Starla Russell, Owner of Horse Inn

What is Revelo?

Revelo is a publication with a very special mission.

Revelo was born from the desire to bond as a community and learn more about the people who surround us—the everyday heroes with extraordinary journeys. Together, we aim to uncover the incredible stories of interesting individuals in our community and beyond—inspiring stories of success, determination, triumph, and overcoming obstacles.

The goal of Revelo is to create a unique experience for audiences from all walks of life. Together, we aim to educate, inspire, and lift up those around us by exposing the “why” behind what motivates the people of Lancaster.

Why Revelo?

Just as the name suggests, Revelo is a tool to reveal and uncover stories.

Whether it is the musician you walk past daily in front of the market, the coworker who runs a charity, or your next-door neighbor who survived cancer—everyone has a story, and these stories deserve to be told.

Often, we go about our day passing hundreds of people with whom we will never speak or connect with. We may give a smile or a nod as we stroll by, but rarely do we take the time to learn that person’s story.

And yet we arrive at our homes only to be inspired by a guest on the Ellen show or the latest YouTube sensation. What if, instead, we knew more about the people who we see in our own community? What if their stories were the ones that inspired us?

This is why we believe in the concept of Revelo. We believe in people. We believe in unmasking the stories that influence and connect us with one another. We believe that the desire and need to bond together deserves a chance. We believe that companies who also care about people deserve the opportunity to give back and support the local community.


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